Kibera Reformation and Transformation Centre



A group of concerned youth established the Kibera Reformation and Transformation Centre (KRTC) in 2003 as a community-based organization (CBO) in Nairobi’s Kibera slums. The founding members wanted to help needy children growing up in an environment of extreme poverty and constant threat of malnutrition, disease, violence, crime, and drug abuse.




We support primary school education to provide students with the necessary resources and tools for a successful learning experience. We offer academic resources and extracurricular activities for a well-rounded education. Investing in our youth’s education is key to building a strong future. We take pride in our commitment to primary education, making a positive impact on student’s lives for years to come.

We offer feeding programs to those experiencing hardship and aim to provide sufficient nutritional support to prevent hunger. Our focus is on supporting community members’ well-being and development while addressing food insecurity. We strive to create an inclusive environment free of judgment and stigma. If you or someone you know needs support, please reach out to us.


At KRTC We support the community in various ways by offering cleaning services periodically in our community. Since every person is defined by community he or she belongs to.


The youths are supported in sporting activities like volleyball and football hence swaying them from crime


Hey there, you awesome human! Did you know that KRTC loves to lend a helping hand to our community by occasionally busting out some cleaning skills? We understand that we’re all part of a bigger picture, and what better way to show love than helping out our fellow members? Let’s keep this world a better place by spreading kindness and giving back in whatever way possible. So, let’s get cleaning and make this community shine!


KRTC helps students in Kenya. KRTC provides education support to help children go to school. They help students who do not have money to pay for their education. KRTC offers scholarships to these students. These scholarships help students pay for school fees, uniforms, and books. KRTC also offers mentorship programs for students. These mentoring programs help students build their confidence and improve their academic performance. Overall, KRTC aims to support education in Kenya by giving students the resources they need to succeed in their academic journey.



Community Library

We are thrilled to welcome you to our community library! Our goal is to provide a fun and creative environment for anyone looking to learn. We offer awesome after-school programs, fascinating history lessons, and lightning-fast internet access to help you with your digital learning. Whether you’re young or old, we aim to inspire and spark your curiosity. Come visit us and see all the amazing resources we have to offer!

Education Success

Hi there! Kibera is a community where some families face financial hardships and struggle to support their loved ones, with some earning less than $1. Unfortunately, this means that some children have never been able to experience schooling. However, as community leaders, we’ve come together to make a difference and help out where we can! With great teamwork and effort, we managed to send 150 kids to school and give them the tools they need to learn. It was an amazing experience to see their joy and eagerness to learn, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing community. We’re looking forward to helping more families in the future!

Sports Success

As a group of confident and dedicated individuals, we have taken on the exciting role of community champions. We recognized the potential within our community and knew that a football team would be the perfect outlet for talent and creativity to thrive. Our sporting activities have not only brought the community closer together, but we have also taken a bold stand against rising crime rates in our neighborhood. We are passionate about bringing an end to social issues such as drug addiction and teen pregnancy, and we are confident that by coming together, we can make a positive impact in our community. By providing a safe and welcoming environment where individuals can express themselves through sports, we are paving the way towards a brighter future. Our efforts have already made a noticeable difference, and we are confident that we can continue to bring about positive change.

We have started an initiative to rescue and rehabilitate street children. Our process includes providing guidance and counseling, drug rehabilitation, and food provision. Once we see positive changes, we either take them to a children’s home or return them to their homes.

“Our community has been enriched through the recent implementation of a garden project. This project serves multiple purposes, as it not only provides a recreational outdoor space for community members to gather and socialize, but it also serves as a safe haven in times of emergency. In the unfortunate event of a fire, our garden serves as a rescue zone where people can gather safely away from harm. It’s wonderful to see how our community has come together to make this project a reality, and we encourage everyone to visit and enjoy the beautiful greenery. Additionally, this project serves as a meeting point for community members to connect with one another. In summary, the garden project has been a tremendous benefit to our community by providing a space for recreation, emergency response, and connection.”

Sports activities play an integral role in fostering unity and growth within communities. Recognizing this, we took a step towards building a strong foundation for our community by initiating a new volleyball team exclusively for women. This decision stems from our belief that females should have ample opportunities to express themselves through sports and feel included in communal activities. The newly formed team has been met with enthusiasm and passion, with its members actively participating up to the highest national level. Through this venture, we aspire to cultivate an environment that fosters mutual respect and admiration for each other’s abilities and boosts the morale of those involved in our community. We look forward to watching our team continue to excel and become a source of inspiration and pride for everyone in our community.

As a supportive and caring organization, we take great pride in our efforts to help nurture the talents of young individuals within our community. In addition to providing opportunities for growth and development within various areas of interest, we also understand the importance of music ministry and its integral role in the creative arts. With this understanding, we have incorporated music ministry into our efforts to help young talents overcome financial constraints and provide proper support for the development of their vocal and instrumental skills. Through our music ministry program, we offer a wide range of resources and tools to help individuals achieve their full potential, including mentorship, training, and access to musical instruments and performance opportunities. We believe that every individual deserves the chance to pursue their passions and develop their talents, and we are committed to helping make this a reality for all those who participate in our program.

Our Success Statistics This Year
People Empowered This 2023 69%
Volunteers 2023
Children Empowered

Sporting Activities


KRTC runs talent search programs through organizing exhibitions, sports and exhibition and concerts. We organize friendly games between our teams and outside teams. Our teams (Mbotela KRTC, Golden Boys and Young KRTC) through the help of volunteer coaches participate in County Leagues and Interbase League in Nairobi. In these we have been able to recognize, tap and harness valuable talents in these children and some are poised to be future stars.

Football remains KRTC’s core activity; our teams are popularly known as the Golden Boys and the Golden Girls. They involve about 100 youth, who train every evening after school and enjoy a joint supper before going home.

Our senior team has grown into a successful team in Nairobi and participates in the nationwide inter-county league. It has produced several players who are now playing in National Division1 clubs, while about 30 players have received sponsorship from government schools to complete secondary school education.

A major concern of KRTC as youth based organization has been the prevalence of crime, street life and drug addiction amongst the youth in the slum area. Run away poverty, destruction of the family fabrics and low-level education has been the bane of slum areas and society. Drug abuse, child prostitution and increasing number of street children have been an overwhelming challenge to the government of Kenya and this has taken a worrying trend. This became a major concern at KRTC and as such an urgent need was felt to help children and youth in need. Football has been KRTC’s core activity since the foundation of our group. In the year 2003 KRTC started a Football Program as means to getting exposed children back to their homes and engage them in activities aimed at bringing them back to normal social fold. The program brought together Kibera youth and those who had joined street life in an effort to stem rising cases of school drop outs and crime in the area. Under our football program the first football team, the Golden Boys was born (mother team) under Coach Bernard Kiziri in 2003.

Under the Golden Boys team, varying categories were formed in conformity with the soccer establishments in the country. These are/were Senior Team (above 18 years of age), Under 18 years category, Under 14 years Category, Under 12 years category and Under 10 years category. The golden boys team has a total number of about 100 players. The senior team has 27 players who are currently registered in the county league, the under 18 team has 22players, under 14 has 18 player, under 12 team has 18 player while the under 10 category has 16 players.

KRTC established  the Golden Girls Football Team in 2007. This was part of our efforts to engage the girls in useful activities to avoid idleness that had rendered them vulnerable to social ills and abuse. The Golden Girls Football Team has two categories; the senior and junior teams. Currently the senior team has 27players and is led by coach Macklyne The junior team is managed by Ann Shikuyu and has 18 players. KRTC is providing playing grounds and equipment for the Golden Boys and the Golden Girls teams, including balls, uniforms, shoes, shin guards and other essential gear. KRTC is also providing a joint dinner for the players after training in the evenings before they return home.


In 2010, the Soweto area of Kibera where the majority of KRTC players lived was demolished as part of the wider slum upgrading program in Kibera led by the Government of Kenya and UNHABITAT leading to majority of the players shifting to the Decanting site in Migingo area. As a result a large number of the youth leaving in the area moved to the new site which led to the formation of another team called the KRTC Young Boys/ Migingo Boys under coach Joash Musonye with about 60 players. A second major demolition by the Kenya Railways resulted in a large community of residents, including many of our players moving to Mbotela Estate. This again led to the formation of a new team. Mbotela KRTC was formed under coach Martin Munyonyi with about 50 players. Due to continued threat of demolition of their homes, a search for safer residential areas began. Many of the remaining locals, including KRTC members moved to Makina area where the threat of demolition was not rife. In this area KRTC started another local club for the youth called KRTC Makina KRTC. The team is led by coach David Essau and includes about 60 players. All these teams – Golden Boys, Mbotela KRTC, Makina KRTC and Young KRTC play in County and Interbase leagues in Nairobi.


Membership in KRTC’s sports activities offers a unique opportunity for talented ladies and girls in the community to grow up in happiness, gain respect and boost their chances in life.  The first GOLDEN GIRLS volleyball and netball team was established in early 2017 and included at that time about 35 ladies and girls in the 15-35 age group. A second team has been set up at the end of 2019 with 15 players at the age of 15 -20 years. The teams meet daily in the field to train and regularly participate in tournaments and friendly games with other teams. The teams also have at their disposal a monthly budget for supper after training and essential necessities for their livelihoods. The teams are led by Everlyne Suku (24 years) and Mary Nasimiyu (35 years) who are members of the KRTC management team.

Livelihoods for many ladies and girls have substantially improved since joining KRTC. Success in sports has earned them respect, given them happiness, boosted their self-esteem and made them to become role models for other girls in the community. Membership in the volleyball and netball teams is also increasing their opportunity to obtain sponsorships, access to education and a small income. The girls benefit from the friendship and care which KRTC extends to members and the wider activities of the group. 

Through their commitment in training and good performance, the teams have attracted the interest of local and international NGOs. The ladies and girls have been trained in gender-based violence by PLAN INTERNATIONAL, which has helped them to become advocates against gender-based violence in the community. They have also with the support of CAROLINA, ETCO, and YOUTH for BETTER DAYS participated in creating awareness on HIV/ AIDS, mobilizing girls for testing and facilitating the distribution of important health information in their community. In late 2020, GIRLS SOCCER and the GOLDEN GIRLS established a joint volleyball team. The arrangements for forming a joint team includes a sponsorship by GIRLS SOCCER for secondary school for our players who originate from one of the most degraded areas in Kibra. Circumstances and living conditions remain harsh and many ladies and girls in our volleyball and netball teams are exposed to constant threats.  KRTC lacks the resources to offer decent living conditions and a fair start in life for all or even a majority of our members. We are therefore looking for further partnerships and financial support from well-wishers, NGOs and private companies, both Kenyan and international, to support our volleyball and netball teams. Priorities needs of our players include coaching and mentoring, additional sporting equipment, means for transport to join tournaments and livelihood support.

For additional information on KRTC’s sporting activities and opportunities to support our volleyball and netball teams, please contact us through the following;


Evelyn Suku. Tel: 0710742842

Isaac Lumwachi. Tel: 0720461606



Cetoball team started due to the demand by KRTC members. It is three months started in June 2021, it has 18 members currently both male and female. 9 players have been called to the National to the national team 5 ladies and four men. The ladies are being captained by Elizabeth and the boys are being captained by David Kima and coached by Joseph Esau. 

Joseph Esau Phone number: 0721758903